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  • Deploy A Flask App to Google App Engine
    Deploying to Google appspot should not be difficult but can be if you don't get help in the beginning. Follow this guide to deploy your Flask App to google appengine.
    Posted: 2017-03-25 | Tags: deployment cloud linux

  • nginx configuration- static web
    Let get into Linux server... For sometime now, i have been obsessed with linux servers. So i am not really a fun of Apache. I love python because my first methor love it.
    Posted: 2017-03-13 | Tags: nginx server linux

  • Write A Good Email
    Writing a good email is a sweet as a good essay well layout, you email may need some polishing.
    Posted: 2014-10-13 | Tags: general email

  • Write A Good Email
    Internet security it’s an issue all of us must be concerned with regarding our ever presence on with our Phones and Computers. We must be personally concerned about the security of WiFi we are connected to, the website we are visiting- are they stealing our personal data and selling it out to others for money among others.
    Posted: 2014-10-13 | Tags: general internet security

  • Lost Android Phone, What You Need to Know
    I get a lot messages about lost or stolen phones, so I want to share some few tips to having a good
    Posted: 2014-06-22 | Tags: general android phone